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Human and Machine Interaction

            Technology and machines have become more advanced we .
             have grown accustomed to having machines such as computers and cars in our everyday .
             lives. Our own machines will soon surpass our own intelligence. This leaves us with one .
             lingering question, when our creations become smarter than we are, who will be in .
             Machines have played a vital role in our lives. This started off with the Industrial .
             Revolution back in the nineteenth century. It would take an average worker three days to .
             weave a single blanket, while a machine could do twenty blankets in one day. As time .
             moved on, our machines have done more and more for us, and we have become reliant on .
             them. Computers are machines that will one day be smarter than humans. They have .
             become much more efficient as time has progressed. When they were first created a .
             computer that had the power of one of today's simple five dollar calculators required so .
             much space to hold all of their necessary equipment it could take up a whole room, but .
             the simple machine known today can be made so small it can not even be handled by a .
             human due to its size. According to an article by Raymond Kurzweil titled "Live .
             Forever,"" "By the year 2020, your $1000 personal computer will have the processing .
             power of the human brain "20 million billion calculations per second."" If that statement .
             is true, in less than two decades, computers will have just as much intelligence as their .
             users, and possibly even be able to apply it to real life. (Cray XMP, one .
             of today's supercomputers and an example of cutting edge technology) Kurzweil also .
             states that the "human brain is necessary but not sufficient for creating human-level .
             intelligence in a machine."" This will happen ten years later at the rate our technology is .
             progressing now. The fact that by the end of my own lifetime that computers could be .
             running the world, by themselves, seems rather absurd, but the thought of it still lingers in .

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