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The Role Of Technology In Services

             Process technology is not the technology embedded in the product or its creation but it is the technology used for the good or service to reach the consumer.
             Information-processing Technology.
             Information-processing technology revolves around any machine that collects, stores, manipulates or distributes information. An example of such technology in everyday life would be the ordering of airline tickets over the internet and the information being collected, stored and then distributed to the check in desk so that the clerk has the correct details when you arrive.
             The following are examples of information-processing functions:.
             • Local Area Networks (LANs) - allows communication of decentralized information on computers over a short distance with those using shared devices.
             • Internet - links LANs to allow global share of information using World Wide Web. Significant for the vast majority of operations management decisions.
             Customer-processing Technology.
             It was traditionally seen that customer-processing technologies had had the least development. If compared to a material-processing technology (e.g. construction of aluminium panels for aircraft) then customer-processing is more visible. There are three types of interaction between the customer and the technology. In the medical profession keyhole surgery is passive interaction between the technology and the consumer. A camera is used to probe the knee and identify the problem then the surgeon uses two smaller probes with implements attached to fix the problem and he does not need to open the knee as he did in the past as he has full visibility on a TV monitor. For example when flying with an airline the passenger turns up, sits in their seat and is taken from A to B. They do not participate in the navigation or flying of the plane and are therefore passive. An active role would be seen in booking a holiday using the internet as the consumer drives the technology.

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