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Airplane Technology

             In the past few decades, technology has undergone significant changes in different fields such as transportation, computation and communications industries. Technology has undergone notable changes as a collection of techniques, processes and methods to enhance human activities. Numbers show that technology will continue to progress and grow at a rapid rate. A resultant effect of the proliferation of technology is reduced cost of communication and travel influenced by competition. "Modern technological advancements can overcome space and time (Marx)." The application of technologies such as the internet, cars and airplanes are just among the few applications. Therefore, it is a common misconception that the application of such technologies would increase an understanding of other cultures through virtually and physically meeting people all over the world (Li). Besides to this, the aim of technology is to enable people to be socially adept, increase familiarity through strengthening relationships and to eliminate geographically and boundary challenges. However, there are also challenges involved in the evolution and application of technology. The argument presented in the paper is to decipher to what extent the environmental and economic arenas are influenced the adoption and use of airplanes as an engineering achievement and the challenges they pose.
             Design Principles.
             The aviation industry uses the latest software in the industry in an effort of delivering efficient and secure services. A proper, conspicuous and professional design is an art and not a science. The essence of developing an effective program lies not only in the need to meet the user interface requirements, but also on the need to enhance efficiency and achieve effectiveness. Therefore, prior to embarking on programming design, it is paramount to grasp the design principles (Brooks). Functional and non-functional attributes of a program are highly influenced by its design.

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