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The Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner

            In the 21st century, people are more and more concerning about the environment issues. For example, many car manufacturers are doing the research on the green power cars. Certainly, the aviation industry is not an exception. If you take the flight, you will create 280 kilograms carbon per 1000 kilometers you fly. That's a very significant number. So, it is very important for the airplane manufacturers to innovate the new technologies on their products. The Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner is a great example that illustrates their effort on protecting environment and saving power. The name Dreamliner reflects a new airplane that will fulfill the dreams of airlines and passengers with its efficient operations, enhanced cabin environment and the ability to allow profitable connection to more cities without stopovers. The name also demonstrates how the airplane's economics will enable more people around the world to fulfill their dreams of traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures and staying connected to one another. (Aviation week, 2005) Boeing 787 is the first commercial jet airplane to have a lighter all composite structure. This coupled with advances in engine and wing design results in higher fuel efficiency, lower greenhouse gas, and less noise. According to the statistics, Boeing 787 is 20% reduction in fuel and CO2, 28% below 2008 industry limits for NOx and 60% smaller noise footprint comparing to the Boeing 767. ( Data from Boeing).
             Firstly, focus on its composite materials---carbon fiber. This material makes up 50% of the primary structure of the 787, including the fuselage, wings, tail and doors. It helps the Boeing 787 reduce 4.5 tons weight due to its lightness. The lightness does not mean it is fragile. In contrary, it is very rigid. It is 4 times stiffer than Glass reinforced plastic and 2.5 times stiffer than the aluminum. Moreover, its durability is very good. So, the commercial airlines do not need to do the maintenance as frequently as the other planes.

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