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Reassignment of Employees

             This paper will analyze the decisions and circumstances, which were made to reassign certain employees to new positions in the manufacturing line in lieu of being released from the company.
             In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 and the horrific attacks that brought down the World Trade Center buildings, Boeing decided to take certain measures to ensure their financial stability and competitiveness in the aerospace and commercial airline sales market. The Boeing Company decided to reduce its overall workforce.
             According to official reports released by Boeing, there were two major factors or forces of influence in which prompted Boeing to decide in reductions. One of the reasons was due to recent cutbacks by the United States Government in their Delta satellite launch program. The other was the sudden drop in the amount of air travel by people in general because of the September 11th tragedy. Many believed that perhaps this could be considered a move in self-preservation of the whole as opposed to the needs of the few. The problem now was to announce a lay-off plan to all personnel and a time frame in which to accomplish their goal of approximately 50,000 personnel released buy the end of 2004. What criteria will be used to determine which people will be asked to leave involuntarily would be the next order of business.
             A little more than a week after four hijacked jetliners were crashed in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, the full impact of this national tragedy is being felt. The announcement of layoffs at Commercial Airplanes is a direct result of the events of last week. As many of you have learned from various news reports, the airline industry is facing a significant downturn and the announcement to reduce the workforce is in response to the projections of our customers. While the announced layoffs impact Commercial Airplanes, as one company we must step forward to support our co-workers.

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