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             In recent days there has been a cloud of controversy hanging over the Boeing Company with talk of unethical behavior to gain influence and win contracts. This misconduct raises questions about business behavior and how ethics is reflected in it. .
             Scrambled Ethics.
             In chapter one of our book, it describes ethics and morals from a business standpoint as being interchangeable. The definition of ethics is an abstract concept of what we learn about morals. An example would be selling a product that may have a potentially hazardous side effect but until that threat is established there is no harm in selling the product. It is after the fact that we begin to ask questions about case studies, trial markets and government regulations. There always seems to be gray areas when the misconduct is happening. When the truth begins to become uncovered we see how the ethics standards become misrepresented to meet the criteria for those involved in the unethical behavior. Such was the case when Boeing, at the time McDonnel Douglas, hired an ex employee of Lockheed Martin. .
             This individual eventually ended up giving valuable insider information that aided in the contracts, billion dollar contracts, being won by Boeing. Now had they hired this person knowing upfront that he was privy to such information? Was it ok to display this unethical behavior because it would ensure employees would keep their jobs for at least another ten plus years? I wonder what it is that motivates such behavior, greed maybe? Or is it whatever keeps the business going? It all seems very political to me, especially when congress and the military are involved. Like a magicians slight of hand, you don't find out until its over he had a card up his sleeve. Ethics in the business world has always been elusive to me. Hopefully I will gain insight to better understand and interpret what abstract moral is being used .
             in Businesses especially the company I work for.

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