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Technology - Decline of Human Dignity

            Cell phones, computers, iPads, cameras, and high-speed internet are all recent technological advancements that have decreased human dignity over the past several years. Technological advances have transformed today's society, completely changing the recent generation's human beings. Although technology has made the world flourish with new ideas and opportunities, it has also caused a decrease in human dignity. Technology has caused people to no longer interact face to face, learn things on their own, or think for themselves. Human dignity is "something unique about the human race that entitles every member of the species to a higher moral status than the rest of the natural world" (193.E). In other words, Human dignity is every individual having self-respect, self-worth, physical and psychological integrity, and empowerment. As the previous years have passed technology increasingly is incorporated into people's everyday lives, producing a long term negative effect. The advancements of technology over the past 10 years has resulted in a decrease of human dignity causing reliance and loss of human identity.
             Over the past 10 years human dignity has greatly decreased due to the reliance and dependence on machines in many ways but especially the work field. People who have human dignity will rely on themselves by doing the work for their jobs on their own and thinking independently. This will show they have self-respect, self-worth, and integrity, unlike the people who rely on someone or something else to do the work making them dependent, losing their human dignity. For example, technology is becoming so advanced it can do a person's job at the push of a button or all on its own. This will easily result in people losing their jobs and being replaced by machines, or people just pressing buttons, watching the machine do all the work. If an individual doesn't have to do the work at their job it will decrease human dignity by loss of empowerment and integrity.

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