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An Argument for the Choice

            Modern technology has brought mankind to a new threshold of discovery and.
             Science has allowed mankind to land on the moon and travel into the unknown.
             depths of outer space. Computers have made global communication almost.
             instantaneous, allowing this new power and knowledge to be shared universally.
             Modern research has brought medicine to an all time peak in both diagnoses and treatments. Seldom does a day pass without the media announcing some wonderful.
             discovery which benefits mankind. Technology has allowed man to reach a plateau.
             never even dreamed of a generation or so ago. With all of these "giant" steps that.
             mankind has achieved, why is allowing a terminally ill individual freedom to choose.
             termination of his or her life still in the dark ages?.
             A terminally ill individual should be permitted to make a sound, rational, logical.
             and personal decision to end their suffering and pain by choosing physician assisted.
             suicide or self-intervention to die. Dying with dignity should be as free a choice for an individual as choosing a marital partner. An individual must be able to look at his life in.
             the face of his impending death and make the decision to continue living or to die.
             Looking at their impending death (with all of the pain, suffering and demoralization that.
             accompanies a slow death) may be the deciding factor in choosing an easier less painful.
             way to end his life. Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide may be the option that an.
             individual has chosen.
             History reports that ancient civilizations supported and respected an individual's.
             right to end his life. Many physicians, medical personnel and clergy in the United.
             States, though illegal, support their patient's or parishioners' decision to die with dignity.
             Most individuals accept an individual's choice for passive euthanasia, rather than active.
             euthanasia. Action groups, such as the Hemlock Society, The Society for the Right to.
             Die, and Exit have published pamphlets and even books on the subject of euthanasia.

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