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The Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Argument

            Among many of the topics around today abortion is one of the most polarizing around. Many people have their own preformed opinions on abortion based on a variety of factors. The question of whether abortion is right or wrong is not an easy one to answer because it deals with morality, and morality can be vary greatly from one person to another. In my case, I have been able to understand arguments from both sides of the spectrum but in more instances than not I have agreed that abortion is right. My opinion is not without bias. Growing up in a catholic household and in an area where religion played a role in society I have come to accept the idea that life is precious and should not be discarded lightly. As I grew older and became aware of the many aspects of becoming a parent I came to realize that not everyone is ready to be a parent and have a right to choose whether or not they are. I have gained new perspective after reading the articles Why Im a Pro-Life Liberal and The Pro-Choice Argument. .
             "Why I'm a Pro-Life Liberal," was an interesting read that provided a good argument for the pro-life side. In the article the writer brings up some points on the way the current argument is portrayed in the media and as a result is heavily politicized. In the media only two sides are generally portrayed; completely for abortion or completely against abortion against any circumstances. That is in part what made the article unique in the way the writer describes herself as a pro-life leftist transcending the two main ways the argument is portrayed and portraying the complexities most people feel about the debate. As a pro-life leftist the writer feels that being pro-life does not mean focusing only on whether a child has a right to be born, but that it should also focus on the difficulties that arise after the birth and how to handle them. The writer recognizes that people do have concerns with carrying out a pregnancy and if they did not have an option to have an abortion then people who are pro-life should play a role in addressing those concerns.

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