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Abortion is Prolife

             In life we as humans encounter many obstacles. Abortion's have been a touchy subject in all aspects. Abortion since known as an option has caused a lot of confusion and controversy. It's an obstacle many women have had to go threw. Deciding on having an abortion is not an easy choice. Many women feel it is the only way, the only decision. Women who decide to have an abortion are fortunate it is a legal procedure. Having an abortion to me is the woman's choice. I find it hurtful that some people, women and men, wish to forbid women of this right.
             First of all, there are many substantial reasons a woman would choose to terminate a pregnancy. Such as accidental pregnancy, rape, birth defects, and danger to her health. Many women die from pregnancies, more than from abortions. An estimated 670,000 women die from pregnancy related problems each year. That's 1,800 deaths a day. Majority of women who decide to have an abortion aren't ready to become parents because of accidental pregnancy. They feel as though there life is over. How can they live? Where can they live? Who will help? What will I do? Women who become pregnant when they are not ready are scared. "Sentencing a woman to sacrifice her life to an embryo is not upholding the right to life." (Leonard Peikoff page 3of 4). Women who continue the pregnancy along as the future fathers lives would be forever changed and in ways ruined by having the mistaken child. Women who decide to have an abortion can still live a life without shame. They can still go to school or work and not be full time parents when they still need parenting themselves. Women who make the rational decision of having an abortion should be condemned morally not treated as murderers. One of the strongest opposing arguments for abortions is that the unborn child is a human being. Most argue that the unborn are human lives. This argument has been largely won. The embryo is pre-human until the first trimester is over.

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