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            Abortion is a form of murder that should not be allowed in this country. A baby is supposed to be a gift from God, and many people take it into their own hands to decide that they do not want this gift. Having sex is a responsibility that many people take for granted. There are so many forms of protection that are available these days, yet still there seem to be many events of casual sex. Yes, the consequences are harsh for having sex, but I believe that person having sex should be mature enough to accept those responsibilities. The only time that abortion should be allowed is in cases of rape, incest, or the mother's health is in danger. Yet these lead to a very slippery slope. Soon women may begin to lie about the way that they were impregnated, and we will not know what the truth is anymore. However, the more that abortion is prevented, the more of a chance there is the bring a new human life into this world.
             The people who chose to be pro-choice may say that a women always has the right to chose. Well I believe that the right to chose comes when a women and a man decide to have sex. There are many precautionary methods such as condoms and birth control that may be used to prevent a pregnancy. Yes, these contraceptives may only be 99.9% effective, but if used properly can prevent many women from getting pregnant. In our country alone there is an estimated 1.6 million abortions happening per year. Now this does not include illegal abortions and abortions around the world. (http://www.rockforlife.org/index2.html) I believe that a baby is conceived at the instant that they sperm meets the egg. Once that occurs, there is a cell that is made of 23 chromosomes which soon becomes a full human being. Abortion is just another form of murder that should not be justified because many people believe that a fetus is not alive until the heart starts beating. Well what about when the fetus begins to feel pain? Yes, I know that with our advanced technology we can figure out when the heart starts to beat, but we cannot figure out when the fetus begins to feel pain.

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