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Cloning, Are We Being Ethical?

            Cloning humans, once only ascribed in the pages of Mary Shelly's 19th century novel Frankenstein, may soon become a reality. Scientists" wishes came true in February 1997 with the successful cloning of Dolly the sheep. The notion of cloning has even been adapted into some of today's popular movies, notably Steven Spielberg's 2001 release Artificial Intelligence. In which a young boy David, is modeled after a couple's son who is in a coma. The technological advances of science and cloning nevertheless come under much scrutiny by the government. It boils down to a serious ethical dilemma. Are we playing God? .
             Not if you"re a scientist receiving millions of dollars for research and development each year. Many scientists argue that prohibiting cloning would violate the fundamental freedom of scientific inquiry; in other words were taking money out their pockets. .
             Money some would argue is the root evil. Well, in regards to cloning, I would have to agree. .
             Pharmaceutical companies are particularly interested in the development of cloned embryos. Because of the money to be made in finding cures for the maladies that afflict humans. Primarily HIV and AIDS, which have no known cures. They believe if we are using ourselves(clones) as the guinea pigs we are keeping costs down. Ultimately delivering an affordable drug to the masses. .
             Scientists argue that cloning is for the good of humanity, and I genuinely believe this to be true. .
             But what happens when cloning is no longer used for the benefit of mankind, rather its destruction?.
             When the wrong people use clones for evil, for example murder or genocide. Does government then consider the clone to be a human being with rights and liberties? .
             Do they then have the right to be tried in a court of law?.
             As a race of human clones grow and develop what does the future hold for them?.
             Will birthed humans consider clones as one of "us," or will they be one of "them?" .

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