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Do We Need Cloning Human

             Recently, cloning has became a hot topic around all over the world after Scotland scientists announced that they had cloned a sheep from an udder cell of a six-year old ewe. The story of this sheep: Dolly has been raised intense argument about cloning. In the Somerville's article "How To Clone Humans, and Why Not To", she represents two different views of the cloning: Principled and Utilitarian Philosophical, which are whether we should put our respect to the uniqueness of human or look at the benefits of the cloning (550) Although cloning provides significant contribution on the medical benefits of cloning research; it creates huge consequence of ethical issues, the problem of human evolution and the human right of clone human.
             The ethical issues have caused huge mounts of the arguments in the cloning debate. Cloning demonstrates a lack of respect for god and it goes the opposite way with the biblical principles "Would a cloned person have its own soul?" My grandmother who has been a Christian for thirty years actually asks this question. She believes that god creates everyone for a reason and a lot of religion people like my grandmother have chosen to accept the beliefs of the church as a guide to live. Certainly the ethical issues not only about religion issues but also related varying problems in our community. For example, the possibilities of human cloning will be very low and people who want to clone have to take high risk and pay for huge mount of money because the Scottish team had implanted 29 times before they made Dolly. So if people who want to clone will be pay for a lot of time and money.
             In the article Somerville says "human could be formed only through sexual reproduction, the union of sperm and egg, each carrying half the genetic material of the new living being. Sexual reproduction gives rise to genetically unique" (549). It means the children will look differently between their parents.

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