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Is Cloning Ethical?

             Is cloning an ethical process? That is a question that has been asked quite often in recent times. Since 1997, when Scottish scientists cloned a sheep, cloning has come to the forefront of the scientific and religious worlds. Many ethical and religious ideals have a conflict with the cloning process and its potential for positives and negatives. Whether or not one believes in these ideals is the real questions. If a person doesn't believe in those ethical and religious ideals, does that still make the cloning process unethical?.
             If you could have a clone created of yourself what would you do with it and why would you need a clone? Clones have many benefits such as organ donation, other medical procedures such as skin graphs, bone marrow transplants, and the possibility to save the earth's endangered species. Creating clones for organ donation would solve the problems around the world for organs. With the use of clones for organ harvesting the extreme shortage for organ donation would be solved and there would be no long donation waiting lists that people wait for months, years, or even die while waiting for an organ donation. Sick children, men, and women would all have the necessary organs they need to recover from their illnesses and the donors would all be exact matches. There are some ethical problems with this use of clones. Would it be considered murder if your clone died because you took its heart to transplant it into your own body? People would have to ask themselves that question. If something is living and breathing, is it ethical to kill it the clone to save someone else? When do clones become humans or would they even be considered humans? That decision would have to be made by world leaders, scientists, and the people who take part in this process. If cloning became a big business there would be a huge level of governmental regulations to it. Everything would have to be processed through government organizations such as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and other various federal medical agencies.

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