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             On January 16, 2003, the first human clone was born. The delivery of Sophia Buchelli's baby boy, Primo, sparked a worldwide debate concerning human reproduction. Human cloning has been quickly accepted as a modern advancement (Henry, 5). In years to come, the negative consequences of this procedure will require placing strict controls on human cloning. In 2002, Dr. Severino Antinori removed the DNA from a human egg cell. He replaced the DNA with the subject's who was being cloned. The egg cell was nurtured in the laboratory and divided to become an embryo. The embryo was then transplanted to the surrogate mother who carried it to term.
             Scientific discovery is often implemented before society understands the results of the new idea. Science advances at a rate faster than the understanding of the total consequences of a discovery. Asbestos, laser eye surgery, and now human cloning have demonstrated how discovery can lead to unanticipated results. The scientific breakthrough of giving birth to a human clone caught the world off guard. The effects of this process could not be predicted. No regulations or protocols were developed along with the cloning process. The problems were not anticipated and society was not advised about possible consequences. The time has come to correct this failure. A .
             change must be made to recognize and improve the social, medical, and ethical problems resulting from human cloning.
             There have been a number of social problems to arise in connection with human cloning. The process as a whole has had a negative effect on marriages and adoptions. Marriage rates have dropped nearly 40 percent in the past seven years (Cloning Fact Sheet, 2). Some women and men no longer feel the need for a significant other, if they can have a baby of their "choice". A similar problem is also affecting adoption rates. Now that people can know what their baby will look like and which characteristics a baby will have, there is no longer an interest in adopting a baby that one knows nothing about.

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