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             Creativity is fundamentally undefinable, due to each individual's different understanding of what is creative. Throughout the course of this paper, notions of creativity and the Wallas Model of the creative process will be used to illustrate the essential differences between two creative individuals and their perceptions of creativity. .
             Notions, Wallas and Newton.
             Many people, from academics to artists, have tried to define creativity over the years, and have found that it is extremely hard to do. Each and every person has a different opinion on what is creative and what is not, so finding an overall description that everyone will agree with could almost be considered impossible. Maybe the mark of a truly creative person is someone who can define creativity? Most people would acknowledge that creativity is usually a process, rather than a flash of inspiration coming from nowhere, but again this is not always the case. However, finding an all-encompassing definition of what creativity is not important, and is probably a waste of time. Instead of trying to label and pin down something as intangible as creativity, perhaps it would be more fruitful to spend time creating. .
             Guilford, in Isaksen (1997), states that creative personality is: "a matter of those patterns of traits that are characteristic of creative persons. A creative pattern is manifest in creative behaviour which includes such activities as inventing, designing, contriving, composing and planning (p. 444)". A definition that, like many others, is vague enough to provide a semblance of a meaning without offending anyone. However, Guilford uses the phrases "creative persons", "creative pattern" and "creative behaviour" to describe this creative personality, but what is creative? The simple answer is that everyone defines creativity in their own personal way, and any individual who thinks they can say what is creative and what is not will probably end up trying to find a creative way to eat solid food without any teeth.

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