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The Creativity Crisis

            Creativity empowers the mind to think beyond restrictions. This natural human ingenuity can inspire us to get started on our creative original endeavors. Whether simply writing a screenplay, putting together a presentation for a client, or even going as far as simply being more creative in everyday life. Without this trait we as a humans would cease to exist. Every device and necessity we utilize today originated from a creative thought, on how to improve society. According to authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman of "The Creativity Crisis" , a dilemma that has risen in recent studies is that the public's "creativity quotient" has steadily crept downward since 1990. In order to incline our generations creative aspects, creativity should be implemented organically into a student's everyday life rather than the creation of a class. .
             The aspects of creativity must be applied in studies not taught. With the addition of creativity across all core classes the students will be more aware and focused. Not only in passing the class but being more creative. In comparison to subjects such as math or science where they have procedures to problems there are no limitations for the creative mind. Acquiring the aspects of creativity can be equivalent to learning a new language. It may pose as difficult at first but after several trials of error you will catch on. Instead of having another class solely taught for learning creativity every student should be showed the virtues that creativity can bring naturally. Rather than going through the extensive policies and procedures of making a class, by simply rearranging the current accommodations can be more effective. Presenting this learning topic can be beneficial for all students. For instance by developing a more creative and vibrant lesson plan teachers can help change the mind of student through creative standards. A lot of teachers find it easier to use old lesson plans that have worked in the past, rather than creating a new lesson.

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