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who needs college

            In his essay "Who Needs College?" Linda Lee presents her idea that going to college in America is avoidable, and is not needed to succeed. The author states that in America the majority of high school graduates progress to college, but roughly only a quarter of those achieve a bachelor's degree or higher. Lee then focuses on those people who plan to have occupations that don't require higher education, such as guides and electricians, and feels that not everyone needs to go to college. Her son, who did not complete college, was used as the author's main example of college being needless, because her son succeeded with out a degree and works at a well-paying job. The author also points out with her son surrounded by an environment full of "binge drinking, reckless driving and sleeping in", in college, was not exactly a thousand dollars a week worth. In other words, Lee believes America is obsessed with college. I partly agree with what the author has to say because I do not believe America is as obsessed with college as she may think.
             I agree with the author in the sense that America highly encourages students to proceed to college, which is why America has the "second-highest number of graduates worldwide". America only encourages it's students to move on to college, because colleges are intended to prepare students not only for future jobs, but also to prepare students with experience that will benefit them in the long run.
             My example will be me. Even though my parents are paying what they can't even afford to put me in a university, I think it's worth it. Here at University of California Riverside, I learn more than the curriculum the professors teach, I learn how to cook, skateboard, live out of the house, manage my time, work independently, socialize with eclectic people, all wash my own clothes. All of these are skills that would benefit me in the future when I do live out of the house, except for the skateboard part.

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