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Picketing Supermarkets

             In the poem Picketing Supermarkets, the author, Tom Wayman, attempts on showing his readers the extent at which nature has been taken granted for. He does this by using supermarkets to point out that the peoples" attitude is postulated towards the goods found in the stores. The author uses the following elements: (from the English Elements of Cognitive Design) rhetoric, connotation, and perspective to emphasize his ideas. The first example of rhetoric can be noted within the title itself, which proves to be quite contradictory towards the attitude and mood of the poem. At first glance, the title "Picketing Supermarkets" gives the readers the impression that the following poem is quite political and discusses the reasoning behind banning supermarkets. Although this opinion may prove to be authentic, if the poem would be read as is and left unanalyzed it would seem that in-fact, Wayman wrote the poem in favor of the supermarkets. After reading the poem, the reader is baffled; How is it that the title of the poem suggests that supermarkets should be banned, while the poem itself is written in the perspective and favor of the supermarkets? With the combination of rhetoric and perspective the poem is written in a sarcastic fashion to show just how absurd the "pro-supermarketers" opinions are. "Cabbages, broccoli and tomatoes/are raised at night in the aisles. Milk is brewed in the near storage areas. Beef produced in vats in the basement." (Lines: 3 - 6) These are the few, but excellent examples that Wayman uses to show the inanity in supermarkets" arguments. All of these quotes prove how disarranged the knowledge of most customers" is and how they are taking advantage of the abundance of food. Likewise, the second example in which Wayman shows how nature is taken for granted, is a mixture of connotation and rhetoric. "Do not take the leaflet." (Lines: 2,7 and 13) It is ironic the author would use the word "leaflet" when referring to pamphlets or flyers, as these "leaflets" belong to the environmentalist who have realized the conspiracy behind supermarkets.

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