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             Brazil, capital Brasilia, its official name is Republic Federtiva do Brasil which means Federative Republic of Brazil, its flag was introduced in 1822, which includes the national motto Order and Progress. Its anthem is Hino Nacional do Brasil. Other large cities are Manaus, and Rio de Janeiro. .
             II. LAND AREA.
             Its land area is 3,286,488 square miles, its maximum north-to-south distance is 2700 miles, and its maximum east-to-west span is 2690 miles long. Its highest point is Pico da Neblina, 9888 feet, above sea level. Its lowest point is sea level, which is along the coast.
             III. CLIMATE.
             Its climate is in the tropic and suptemperate. Its average temperature in Brasilia is 72 degrees in January and 68 degrees in July. Its annual precipitation is 63 inches in Brasilia and 43 inches in Rio de Janeiro. .
             IV. POPULATION.
             Brazil's population is about 162,661,214. Its population density is about 49 people in a square mile. Its largest cities are Sao Paulo (9,480,427), Rio de Janeiro (5,336,179), Salvador(2,056,013).Its ethnic groups are European (Portugal, Italy, and Spain)54%, Mulatto or Mestizo 39%, mixed black and Native American ancestry 6% Asian 1%, and Native American 0.2%.
             V. ECONOMY.
             Brazil's gross domestic product is $639.5 billion. Its chief economic products are soybeans, coffee, tabacco, sugercane, cacao beans, beef, poultry, shrimp, lobsters, sardines, iron ore, tin, gold, phosphates, platinum, bauxite, uranium, manganese, copper, coal, machinery and transportation equipment, food products, textiles and chothing, and chemicals. Its major trading partners are the U.S.A, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain. The country imports crude and refined petroleum, machinery, transportation equipment, chemicals, and metals. It exports iron ore, soybean bran, orange juice, footwear, coffee, and motor vehicle parts. Its currency is Real. Its exchange rate is 0.99 realize to $1.

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