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The Importance of Being on Time

            Being punctual or early is important because sometimes preperation is needed, the client may be on a tight schedule, and demonstrating responsibility builds clent trust.
             Being early to a shift or on time can help to prepare yourself for the day. it also can be beneficial to be early because not everyones clock is on the same time. so showing up early or on time will show your slient you are responsible in your jod and that you take it seriously.
             Being early will also help to be there before your client, so if your client were to show up early you would already be at work and ready for your client. if anything at the spure of the moment were to happen like your client not being ableto show up, you could fill there space with someone else if they were to walk in and need a servicedone. by being there early or in time you would be ready to take them and give them there service. they would see that you are serious in your job and come back or even book another appointment with you.
             Being early or on time will also build client trust and show that there business is impotant to you, and they will be more likely to come back. also other stylists that you work with will see your responsibility and your clientel coming back that they will want to follow your example.
             So in conclusion, demonstrating puncuality to a shiftor even making it to school on time will show your responsibility and determination to do your job well and build the trust of your clients and others around you.

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