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huck finn: morality

             African-American writers constantly utilize the language of faith, to assert their humanity through the opposition of racial inferiority, and express their relentless desires for freedom.
             David Walker adamantly states throughout his 1830 Appeal, ultimately in Christianity, all individuals must conform to the same God. In Josiah Henson's narrative, The True Life of Josiah Henson, he articulates that religion remains the common language for all people; no matter the social class or race of an individual, the word of God remains unbiased. Throughout Albert J. Raboteau's 1995 work, A Fire in the Bones, African Americans are linked to the Israelites, destined for eventual freedom. Raboteau also labels the Church as the ultimate social medium, uniting all races of people spiritually. However, regardless of position in society, all Christians worship the same Bible and practice the same religion, proving that ultimately all men remain equal, and slavery stands simply as a malicious, earthly diversion.
             David Walker, a radical African-American abolitionist, born of a free mother and enslaved father, expresses outrage towards slavery through the imagery, language, and values found in the Bible. Walker, thoughts immersed with scripture, instills hope in slaves. Walker questions the behavior of white slave owners, inquiring, "Have they not to make their appearance before the tribunal of heaven, to answer for the deeds done in the body" (Walker 27). He further states that the slave owners initiate "injury, and are so firm in the belief that our Creator made us to be an inheritance to them forever, that their hearts will be hardened, so that their destruction may be sure"(52). Walker's bold attack against slavery creates an earnest vision of abolition, implementing distinct religious correlation, including the wrath suffered by Pharaoh and the Egyptians, and emphasizing the unavoidable judgment of God.

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