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Huck Finn Analysis

             Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with intentions of not only telling a story, but also sharing views on controversial subjects with the people of his time. No writer before or after Mark Twain was able to address the subjects like he did. Mark Twain's themes included freedom, innocence, education, morality, and most notably slavery with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Themes that no other writer before or after him would ever grasp quite as brilliantly. .
             The book consulted freedom many times during the story, in Huck's case; there was no desire to fit in with everyone else or to have the approval of other people. Twain chose to make Huck a more independent character than the majority. Huck had the freedom to think what he wanted and to become what he wanted. A sense of freedom was also present on the raft on the Mississippi River. When Huck left the raft to visit a town, as soon as he rejoined Jim on the raft, Huck felt free and safe again. Freedom .
             presented itself once more on Jim's part. Jim had been a slave for all of his life, and wanted freedom more than anything. Most of the plot of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was based on granting Jim his rightfully earned freedom. Jim yearned for freedom from the beginning of the raft voyage. Twain made sure that this issue was not taken lightly by giving each character controversy with the meaning of freedom.
             Another conflicting subject was education. Twain portrayed education to each character depending on his or her race, gender, and age, but education was not based solely on book skills but also with life skills. Huck was shown as being unconcerned with education even though he was a very smart boy. It appeared to make Huck uneasy "because it made him civilized". (Twain 42) Huck's character was rugged and resented civilization. He acquired this attitude from Pap, who was threatened by the idea of Huck learning to read and write.

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