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            One summer night one of the worst things that could have happened to Melinda did; she was raped and no one knew it but her. It happened at a party at the end summer and everyone at the party thinks she called the cops to break up the party. Little did they know she was raped and didn't know what else to do. So Melinda decides to keep her mouth shut whether she loses all her friends or not. She can't tell anyone; it's too hard and too embarrassing. Melinda's life was changed in an instant and it affected both herself and her life in more ways that one.
             Melinda's relationship with her ex-best friend Rachel completely changed, it became non-existent. Melinda enters the auditorium on her first day of high school, not only without a best friend, but also without any friends. She finds a seat in the middle of all the chaos of friends reuniting with their peers after a long summer. Melinda looks around her and starts to realize what "clicks" are what and who's sitting where. She then turns around to see all of her friends from last year sitting a few rows back with Rachel right in the middle of them all. They stare at each other for a moment and then Rachel silently mouths, "I hate you". She then turns her back and continues laughing with her friends. Melinda is convinced they are laughing at her. She turns back around in her seat and starts to bite her lip. She doesn't stop until it starts to bleed.
             Rachel and Melinda have their first encounter with spoken words to each other in the bathroom. Melinda attempts to befriend Rachel by saying "hi" but all she gets in response is an "mmm". Melinda has entered to insert her contacts and tries to do it coolly but ends up poking herself in the eye. She then proceeds to ask Rachel "how's it going" and still she only gets an "eehn". Her contact then folds in half under her eyelid. "Ouch", she says trying to get something out of Rachel, even a laugh. But Rachel snorts instead and says "pas mal" trying to be cool and sophisticated.

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