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Laughs of The World

             When you walk down a hallway in school you look at everyone, you judge them, we all do it. There is a kid that smiles another that frowns, the one that catches your attention is the one that has their head tilted back and is laughing. There are many types of laughs but these can be reduced to mainly, annoying, silly, and fake laughs.
             Annoying laughs, what are they? When someone is laughing hysterically and it is loud, and squeaky, and it just hurts your ears to listen to it. Not to be mean you avoid this person in the near future or just try not to be funny. Annoying laughs are those of little kids, when they are trying to attract members of the opposite sex, flirty, yet evil. Annoying laughs are mostly out of girls around ages 13-15.
             Silly laughs, these laughs are those that you are genuinely attracted to. These laughs are the ones that make you laugh because it is a good laugh, a healthy laugh, one that makes you laugh too. A laugh that says, "Everything will be okay". The world is a better place because of silly laughs, they make you free to be who you are and not have to act like the boy/girl sitting next to you in class. Silly laughs could also be known as fun laughs, these are the types of laughs you hear out of someone when they are around their friends. Silly laughs sound like the person is directly smiling at you and happy inside and out, they vary from person to person. .
             A laugh that you here when someone is trying too hard is called a fake laugh. When someone says something that you don't think is really funny, but everyone else is laughing and you feel obligated to laugh with them. A fake laugh is when a joke someone tells isn't funny but you want to make them happy so, you laugh. Fake laughs are really common when you are in an anatomy class and boys are awkwardly laughing when they are shown the body of a woman, with no clothes. They are shy, and feel funny about talking about this anatomy of a woman so they laugh.

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