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Margaret Atwood

            Books, novels, poetry, and literary criticisms are all forms of opening eyes to people. They give us an opportunity to feel the experiences the author has to offer. They give real life stories, fiction stories, and articles about an issue you may be going through and you could relate to that may very well change your life forever. Even though it may be fiction novels, the authors can write in a realistic fashion that the characters seem so real. Many authors succeed in writing in this approach. One such author is Margaret Atwood. She has successfully published over twenty books, many of which have become award winners. Moreover, most of the main characters in Margaret Atwood's writing are having some kind of conflict at one point of the story. In most of the stories, the women might start out just fine, but by the end of the story, they have had to face one or more power struggle situation. Often the background of the female in Atwood's writing suggests an unhealthy questionable one. They might come from weak or unhealthy families that give off a sense of unsupportiveness. It is often apparent that Atwood's female characters are threatened by the roles that they are expected to play in society, either wife or mother. If they don't fulfill these roles, they usually have internal conflicts about these roles that they should be in. The novels Bodily Harm and Cat's Eye, both written by Margaret Atwood, uses an interesting style of writing, in which the characters goes through a near full life change and she displays these ideas through the two main characters" obsession with the past, the setting and distinctive past vs. future writing style used and the Victorian protagonist portrayal of both main characters. .
             The first parallel between Bodily Harm and Cat's Eye is shown through the two main characters" obsession with the past, which shapes who the characters are. The main character in Bodily Harm is a freelance journalist named Rennie Wilford.

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