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Middle Managers

            In an organization, the senior managers are in charge of the organization as a .
             working whole, while the lower-level individual employees are in charge of their specific tasks. In between the two are the middle managers. Working between these two levels are the middle managers, whom are in charge of communicating the goals from the senior managers to the individual employees. In terms of managing diversity, this is a delicate spot for the middle managers because they must meet the demands of the senior managers while ensuring that all individuals work together smoothly.
             To ensure that all individuals work together smoothly while maintaining a diverse workforce is one dilemma unique to middle managers. They must be sure to hire the right candidates while avoiding the "Attraction-Selection-Attrition theory", in which managers tend to hire those similar to themselves. This involves first coming to terms with the "Social Identity Theory" as well. Furthermore, once the middle managers have selected a diverse workforce, they must organize its tasks and goals so that all members interact smoothly and efficiently. .
             In order for middle managers to correctly manage these conflicts, they must first be educated about them. Once the conflicts are viewed by the middle managers with no internal involvement, they will be able to make collective and temporal decisions more effectively. Rewards for choosing long-term benefits could possibly help ease the urge to choose short-term decisions. These rewards need apply to both middle managers and individual level employees so that all understand what is being done and why. I believe rewards would provide a better understanding and establish a greater sense of collectivity towards the organization's goals.

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