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Daisy and Nick

             In the novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Frigerald there are many characters, each of them play a different role in Jay Gatsby's life. They all have personalizes of their own; there are two however that make up the largest part of the story. Daisy Fay bushman the main character's love interest and Nick caraway the narrator of the novel.
             Daisy is a stunning beauty from the south, known for her physical appearance and her wealth. Everything about the way she looks is lovable. Her attitude, and her necessity to be well off make her imperfect. Daisy is the epitome of a spoiled little rich girl from the east egg. She is crud and rude to those who are not to her stature. She is wrapped up in herself completely and she always put herself before others. Even her daughter comes second and is never given the love and care she needs.
             Nick on the other hand is known for everything daisy is not. He would never turn is back on anyone. He's a great caretaker and loves to help others with their problems. He is from the Midwest, which in turn leaves him quite and reserved from the other east egg inhabitants. He is very good about looking at a situation and taking it for what it's wroth. He discussed by his cousin for the way she goes about her life.
             Daisy and Nick and complete opposites one loves, understanding, and always they"re to talk to. The other is coldhearted, jugdmental, and mean. Yet both are very important in the life and story of Jay Gatsby. The novel would not be the same without either one. Nick is appalled at his cousin's behavior and at the end moved back to where he's comfortable.

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