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The Story of Luis Montez

             In Brown on Brown (University of New Mexico Press: Manuel Ramos, 2003), the novel is based on an attorney that has to unfold a mysterious case. Montez, an attorney, takes on a case that changes his entire life. Brown on Brown is the start of a water fight that has been going on for a long time, in the San Luis Valley; in this novel, Ramos writes with symbolism about the love and pain that Luis Montez went through.
             Harry Lopez who was tells his family to hire Luis Montez, to help his cousin Dominic Santos. The Santos family decides to get the help that they need from Montez. Things do not turn out the way they should and Montez gets into many problems. He even has to risk his life. Harry Lopez was not really a friend he wanted to get revenge. Against Luis Montez, because, according to him, his son had died thanks to Montez. "Harry had created a story about Rodriguez and Freddie and me, and there wasn't anything I could say to change the story" (123).
             I really enjoyed reading the novel because of all the many dangers Luis Montez went through. The water case was very important throughout the entire novel. Water was one of the main Symbol of the story. "ARSON SUSPECTED IN FIRE NEAR HISTORIC SAND DUNES. EX- CONVICT LINKED TO THREATS. CBI BLAMES ARSON PLOT ON SAN LUIS VALLEY WATER WAR" (14). Water was fought for the .
             Most in the San Luis Valley, since the summers was very hot. The fight about the water was between Fermin Santos and Matthew Barber. Both of those families had been in a fight for a long time. They were very rich families but still fought over who owned the water. "The Sangre de Cristo Water Company is the biggest water thief in the valley. Matthew Barber is the Sangre de Cristo Water Company" (16).
             I also thought that the love life of Luis Montez was very important. Montez had been married and divorced; he had children but never had time for them. Montez agreed to help Mariele with the case of Dominic Santos, after the two of them had sex.

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