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Diverse and tolerant landscape

            Origins of A Diverse and Tolerant Landscape.
             Ethnic and religious diversity in Colonial America varies drastically as you observe the various colonies, all in which have different economies that require an assortment of conditions. Several areas of Colonial America were inhabited by aristocrats, those interested in industry and wealth. Naturally, these feudal regions were granted to promoters, who would settle as little as 50 people on them; some of these estates were bigger than Rhode Island. Unsurprisingly, these regions were not sought after by immigrants, who were not interested in purchasing depraved soil. They only appealed to the wealthy who fancied the lumber and grain industry. On the other hand, there were regions in Colonial America that gained mass appeal to immigrants, fertile land and fitting conditions forced many settlers down to the middle and southern colonies, in search for their own fortunes. The Indian tribes of the nearby colonies make up a diverse landscape of their own. Despite their unified classification by white settlers, many tribes were considerably different from one another, which are proven by their many disputes and quarrels. Counting the numerous Indian tribes during Colonial America is virtually unfeasible, but should be accounted for when observing the ethnic and religious diversity of America. Statistically, if the diversity of the continent were judged on a scale from zero to ten, ten being absolutely diverse, Colonial America would be regarded as a seven. .
             In New England, a lack of abundant soil established the Puritan characteristic of frugality. Trade became the cornerstone of the colonies and as a result the region became heterogeneous, an exception is Rhode Island. It was founded by Roger Williams, this haven for the religiously persecuted offered complete freedom of religion, even for Jews and Catholics in a region dominated by Protestants.

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