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The Crucible

            The Crucible is a story that takes place in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. It was written by Arthur Miller during the 1950's. A play is to act especially in a dramatic way. A number of characters come together to form a performance of entertainment. A play can be filled with tragedy, comedy, drama, or even can be a musical. The type play The Crucible is, is a tragedy. Crucible can be defined as a trial, or a situation characterized by the confluence of powerful intellectual, social, economic, or political forces. In the beginning of the book a group of girls are caught by Reverend Parris dancing around a fire. Abigail one of the leader's of the group gets questioned by Reverend Parris about witchcraft, she deny's the doings and rumors quickly fill the town about witchcraft. Abigail a worker in John Proctor's house has an affair with him and then gets fired by his wife Elizabeth. The witch trials have caused unrest in neighboring towns. John agrees to confess his doings with Abigail and then gets arrested, and the witch trials finally reach their conclusion. Elizabeth was John Proctor's wife and becomes pregnant during the trials. She has been accused of witchcraft but the court did not pursue the accusation. Towards the end of the trials Elizabeth tries talking John into confessing. John agrees but refuses to say anything else. Hale is a minister, and also an expert on witchcraft. He is called to Salem to see what is wrong with Betty, Reverend Parris" daughter. He encourages people to testify during the trials. John Proctor is a farmer and also the husband of Elizabeth Proctor. He has an affair with Abigail Williams and later in the play Abigail confesses but John calls her a faker because he does not want his name or reputation to be ruined because he is a good man around town.
             Elizabeth is a good, caring wife and loyal to her husband John Proctor. It is unbelievable how Elizabeth would be able to deal with a man like John because he committed adultery and she makes a decision to lie against the court because of their love.

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