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            The First Congregational Church located in Colorado Springs may entice new members to their inviting congregation with open discussion Bible Studies and Scripture readings. However when followers, young and old, unite under Pastor Jim White's Bible based discussions much doctrinal controversy arises among his teachings, (if one should call them "teachings" at all). Unfortunately, in the midst of poorly grounded doctrine dabbled with Jim White's persuading charisma, enthusiastic believers leave the study high on artificial revelations that lacks Biblical merit.
             The denomination, United Church of Christ, tends to live up to its name by strictly becoming "united" among their church members, and not so much "united" in the Bible. The First Congregational Church displays these impressions through their "revelations" they encounter during their Bible study. Many avid believers tend to relate to the Gospel when it is put into a familiar context in the secular world, often through plays, music, and poetry, and not concerning to the text itself. Although these so called "revelations" that numerous people experience in the First Congregational Church Bible study, are not characterized as significant spiritual awakenings according to some scholars namely Tillich and Berkouwer, which ultimately would be rejected in either chapters 2 and 3. .
             According to Tillich, "revelations" can only be experienced (when experienced) under certain, precise circumstances that only God ordained via Scripture, the church, and culture or history of religion (Fackre 73). Although First Congregational Church members could argue that the Bible is applied heavily in their study as the base of stimulating discussion, in which many may believe that these revelations are strictly from a higher deity. However, Tillich would criticize the church and correct their use of the Bible by prioritizing its function in Jim White's sermons.

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