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            Joanna Gillen October 14, 2003 .
             An eating scene is common in drama and fiction, it may be a simple meal or a banquet, a holiday party or an ordinary family dinner, but the work would not be quite the same without it. Macbeth contains such a scene of eating in Act III Scene IV. In this scene, a Banquet is being held to honor Macbeth's new position as king of Scotland. However, while this scene marks the beginning of his reign, it also marks the beginning of his downfall. (Sparknotes).
             At the Banquet, Macbeth learns that the murderers have not been entirely successful. They killed Banquo but Fleance was able to escape. Macbeth starts to feel a false sense of security because Banquo is dead and can no longer produce any more sons. He no longer sees Fleance as a threat either. This information leads back to the basic idea of "Fair is foul, foul is fair." Basically, this means that appearances can be deceiving. What appears to be good can be bad - in this case the death of Banquo. .
             At the meal, Banquo's ghost appears twice at the exact moments when Macbeth mentions him. First, Macbeth mentions that he wishes Banquo was with them. "Were the graced person of our Banquo present; who may I rather challenge for unkindness then pity for mischance!" At this point, Banquo's ghost appears and sits in Macbeth's seat. He reappears a second time as Macbeth makes a toast to Banquo in front of his guests. .
             When Macbeth speaks to the ghost the first time, he addresses him saying "Thou canst not say I did it: never shake thy gory locks at me." The guests, confused by his behavior, think that he is ill, but Lady Macbeth tells her guests that Macbeth has had theses attacks since he was a child and it will soon pass. She urges Macbeth to resume his role as host. When the ghost appears again, Macbeth loses control and Lady Macbeth fears he will confess to the murder of Duncan. When the guests begin to question Macbeth about his visions, Lady Macbeth sends them all away, saying her husband's health is becoming worse.

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