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Irony: Othello

             Irony has played a big role in the play "Othello".
             There are two types of irony, verbal and dramatic.
             is irony that is being spoken and everyone hears it. Dramatic irony is irony that the .
             audience knows about, but the characters do not. In the play Othello, one character .
             creates this irony that is Iago. He has fooled everyone. Iago in the play has done a lot of .
             events to get the characters thinking he is a good and honest man, which he isn't. Iago's .
             two face created irony that has motivated the plot.
             Iago puts a lot of work into building Othello's trust in him. Throughout the play .
             Iago achieves his trust with Othello by explaining how much he loves him, and how he .
             would never deceive him. Since this Othello feels very comfortable around him and feels .
             that he would be true to him. Othello doesn't know the reason why Iago is being passive .
             and honest, is to just help him execute his plan to get Cassio demoted and destroy .
             Othello's marriage. Only the audience knows what Iago's idea is, this creates irony and it .
             achieves to motivate the plot.
             Iago doesn't stop at Othello. He continues his mind play as "honest Iago" towards .
             Roderigo. Roderigo pays him to go see Desdemona and speak to her about him, but Iago .
             goes and just makes up excuses and takes his money, but he has better use for him other .
             than money. He uses Roderigo to help him with his plan, while he continues his evil .
             deeds. Roderigo doesn't know he's getting used only the audience knows; this creates .
             irony which helps motivate the plot.
             Only the audience knows what Iago is up to. All the other characters don't know .
             Iago is two faced. Irony is defined as something the audience knows about, but the .
             characters don't. This is the case with Iago and the other characters. Iago's character .
             creates irony and it motives the plot of the play.

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