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Changing Families

            The concept of the typical family has changed plenty over the past half century. It has changed on the economical level as well as the interactive. In the 1950s, the typical family was one where the father would be considered the breadwinner, the mother would stay at home and take care of the two children, and the whole family would sit down to dinner every night. Over the years, families have grown apart in a way and become more individualistic as opposed to the holistic way of living that took place just half a century before. .
             In the 1950s, the idea of the typical family would consist of the father going to work every morning and bringing home the bacon. While the father was at work the mother would stay home and take care of the kids if they didn"t have school, clean the house, and make the dinner. While that was going on the kids would go off to school. When they got home, they would go outside and play with their neighboring friends until dad came home just in time for dinner, at which time they would be called in to eat dinner. After dinner the kids would go off to do their homework, mother would get back to cleaning or whatever chore was to be done, and the father would sit back and relax while reading the newspaper, a process which would repeat itself daily.
             As time progressed, the ideas of what a typical family should be and shouldn"t be began to change. The change moved in a direction where families grew to become more individualistic. Less and less time was being spent together in all. More and more mothers have gotten jobs and even careers. Therefore, spending less time at home and taking care of the kids and cooking. The kids would spend less time at home and going off and doing their own thing whatever it may be, and the father spending more and more time at work, rarely being home. .
             Nowadays, the typical family is one where both of the parents work. While the parents go to work, the kids go off to school and come home whenever.

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