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falling church

            The modern church is moderately falling apart. People are being torn away from the church due to degradations of mass media and ripped into shreds by society through tabloids. Gradually, families are attending church less and many youth are avoiding it completely. The public wants religion completely of their daily lives and seems to be burdened by any slight form of open display of faith.
             Our country, the United States, was originally founded under God. Today, this firm establishment is neither honored nor respected. Many people believe that much of societies norms contradict the first amendments promise to assure us our right to freedom of religion. More citizens" stand against anything practiced publicly that originated with a Christian background. For instance, schools in the state of California have stopped recited the pledge of allegiance before class due to its reference to God. People argued that this pledge forced their children to hold a belief in God. Across the nation, praying within the boundaries of any public school system has also been banned for this specific reason. Other citizens feel that U.S. currency should not contain the emblem, "Under God We Trust," the very statement that separates U.S. currency from any other currency. Ironically, without this dire trust there would be nothing to back money with, considering we stopped backing money with gold many years ago. Another easily arguable norm of today's society can be found in court. When someone is asked to speak honestly in court he or she is first made to swear over the bible; one is making an oath that the words he or she will speak be the truth under the name of God. Non believers feel that by doing this, they are sacrilegiously giving virtue to a religion that is not of their own. Also, people feel that persons who do not respect or abide by any religion can easily and unregretably swear their whole life away in the name of God.

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