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MultiParty system

            The debate over a two party system verses a multi party system has gone on for some time. Electoral politics in the United States has been dominated by two political parties since the administration of George Washington. The two parties have not always been Democrat and Republican but still, a two party system has prevailed in the United States and has remained stable. Every president since 1865 has been either a Republican or Democrat. Today, the two parties completely control the political process. Almost two-thirds of Americans consider themselves either Republicans or Democrats and even those who say that they are independents normally have partisan leanings and exhibit high levels of partisan loyalty. This shows that even though people claim to be part of a third party they are in actuality more supportive of the two parties already installed. It is estimated that only about nine percent of the Americans are pure independents. From a multi party point of view though, Americans would like to choose from another political party; and it is difficult for people to change the system when it revolves around these two parties. However, the United States" two party system is better than a multi party system because it is stable, cuts out extremists, and enables a majority to be formed. .
             One of America's traditions is based upon the fact that it has been stable with maintaining the two party systems. The rest of the world is in envy of the stability while Americans don't appreciate it. Multi-party systems have a difficult time with a stable government. Many countries with multi-party systems have experienced difficulties in putting together governments that can last through their first term. This is because the product of a multi-party system is a coalition government, which usually falls frequently. As a result of their falling, ahead of schedule elections occur often as well.

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