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The Last of the Mohicans

            The Last of the Mohicans is a story about romance and the taboos of their society. Where Hawkeye the main character and the protagonist is a white man who was raised by Indians and believes in interracial communications and harmony. Although when it comes to the issues of marriage and sex he thinks it is out of the question for interrelationship promiscuity to occur. Magua is an Indian who was once disgraced by Colonel Munro and for that expelled from the Huron tribe and is portrayed as the counterpart of Hawkeye who is seeking revenge. Revenge for the whipping he received by Colonel Munro for getting drunk.
             Magua is a character who is portrayed as the arch villain type. As said once in Unbreakable there are two types of villains the one who fights with muscles and the other who fights the battle with his mind and those are the ones who are the hardest to defeat. He is very much a person who plays people according to his best interests. For example he would go from tribe to tribe to suite his needs and he even rejoined the Huron tribe for the soul purpose of revenge. Further more when he did capture the Colonel's daughters Cora and Alice Munro he knew that just how much the Colonel hated interracial marriage so Magua decides he will do the worst and by having ""[t]he daughter of Munro draw his water, hoe his corn-" and making her his wife and maid. As soon as he motioned this Cora was outraged. Show how he is attacking both Cora and Munro more mentally then physically and how cunning he is.
             Magua is not a character who was just a heartless villain but also a person who believed in a philosophy of an eye for an eye. Which means he did not kidnap Cora and Alice because he was cold hearted, he did it because he was fighting a battle of pride. The pride which was very important for a man in that time which Colonel Munro took from him when he whipped him for drinking "fire water" which the "white" man makes.

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