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Mid term break

            Essay #2 Seamus Heany "Mid-term Break".
             "Mid-Term Break" is about a boy who explains his experience, when a close member of his family dies. The author explains what the boy is feeling through the funeral. When I first saw the title I was not expecting it to be about a funeral because a lot of people relate to mid-term break as being a good thing. A mid-term break is a time, which a lot of students look forward to because it is a break from school. It indicates a term being broken in half, a time of relaxation and enjoying the time of school. It indicates a break, but the poem is nothing about that. It indicates a sad period for the people involved and when they should be having fun, instead they are grieving for the death of a family member. The age of the boy in the poem is clearly not stated at all as he does not know how to respond to the death. We can tell by his maturity level. The family member that died was a brother or sister to the boy that the author is talking about. In the essay I am going to look at the use of language the author uses. The title of the poem is "Mid-Term Break" and, as I have said before, this title does not make you think right away that it is about the death of a young boy or girl. The characters in the play are mainly just a boy who has lost a brother or sister, but his father does show a valid point in the poem. The rest of the characters are not that significant. .
             In "Mid-Term Break" the time changes quite a lot. In the first stanza it straightaway changes what you think from when you read the title. You find out that it does not start as you expected because the title indicates the poem to be set in a mid-term break but actually it starts at the end of the college. The boy is obviously in pain:.
             "Counting bells knelling classes to a close." (line 2).
             This shows that the boy is in pain as knelling usually relates to sadness. The only thing that is on his mind is that he is counting the bells.

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