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Protestant Reformation

             As a middle class immigrant from England, was it reasonable to follow and abide by the rules from the changing influence of purifying the Anglican Church? Was being a Puritan affected you in pressuring of your decisions as to what may people think of you? These are the problems that which of a Puritan with much sense would think about. All Puritans in that era were not completely in approving union with the decisions of a few men, named Martin Luther and John Calvin. "Result - Reformation split Europe into Protestant and Catholic countries, often causing war." (http://www.wncc.edu).
             Martin Luther and John Calvin were responsible for initiating the revolt against Christian ideals. John Calvin's principles were adopted from Luther's and later were improved to his own ethics. This led to puritans to criticize their medieval Christian faith and turn to Calvinism, which influenced Puritans to act against their old beliefs. Puritanism is the term to describe these Puritans; it is the faith, which practices its set of guidelines to cleanse the Church of England of its Catholic portion. .
             "A religious reform movement in the late 16th and 17th centuries that sought to "purify" the Church of England of remnants of the Roman Catholic "popery" that the Puritans claimed had been retained after the religious settlement reached early in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I." (http://www.britannica.com).
             Most of them, which are Calvinist, pursued the teachings and declaration of John Calvin's "profound" ideas. Others, such as the Separatists, who were extreme Puritans, swore to break completely away from the Church of England. Because of the reformation, it divided establishments that had combined Europe under the Pope. .
             Protestants who were now converts from Christianity discarded the Pope as a spiritual leader. A new form of religion was now recognized as Protestantism doctrines flourished in England. "Protestantism is the religious belief fostered by the Protestant movement.

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