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Harry Potter and Psychology

             Is it possible for an individual to determine the factors that shape their identity? If challenged, one may refer to past experiences to help analyze the outcome of their persona. One may find that it is difficult to imagh an idea that "development is a process of growth and change brought about by an interaction of heredity and environment" (psych. 117). In the novel, Harry Potter, a young boy displays an extreme amount of evidence that a child is greatly influenced by both heredity and environment. The young character, Harry, is subjected to many challenges through his adolescence that prove to affect his latter individuality which justify the psychological concepts through his resulting character. It is through Harry's character that the theories and concepts provided within the field of psychology hold validity that a child is influenced by heredity, environment, and phycological guidance.
             Through the novel, Harry discovered he resembled his parents quite considerably in both academic qualities as well as feature appearance. It is through De Wall's theory that Harry's resemblance is scientifically understood, ".virtually every human characteristic.is shaped by both an individual's biological inheritance and experience" (psych. 117). While attending Hogwarts, a school for wizards and witches, Harry stumbled upon a mirror that reflects not an image, but rather desires wished to obtain. In the reflection, Harry saw his deceased parents and noticed that his mother's eyes "[were] just like [his].bright green-exactly the same shape." (208). More importantly, aside from outward appearance, Harry discovered he inherited his parent's magical qualities and without prior knowledge of his wizardry background, Harry received admission into Hogwarts. It is also revealed that Harry significantly resembled his fathers athletic abilities. Harry was told by his professor that his father was an "excellent Quidditch player himself" (152).

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