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The Effects of Marijuana

            Marijuana is a mood altering or psychoactive drug that.
             has many nicknames, such as pot, weed, ganja, sensi, herb, and.
             others. It is an ancient drug that dates back to hundreds of.
             years to Asia. Many cultures have used it during meditation, religious.
             worship, and for intoxication. Marijuana itself comes from the.
             Indian Hemp plant. It is the third most widely used drug in the United.
             States, according to a survey taken in 1988, and it is the number one.
             illegally used drug in the United States. Marijuana is so popular that an.
             estimated one out of every three people in the US have tried it and.
             around 44% of US high school students have smoked it. Marijuana.
             users are not easily detectable, nor is the drug just used in one area of.
             society. The Indian Hemp plant is found all over the world, including.
             the US. There are three different types of Indian Hemp. They are.
             Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Rudderalis. These.
             three plants vary in size and mood altering effect. The hemp plant has.
             many uses and has been farmed for centuries. Marijuana can be taken.
             in three ways, by eating, made into a tea, or smoking (the most.
             popular). Smoking it can be done three ways, through a pipe, a joint,.
             blunt. A joint is a rolled piece of paper that is twisted at the ends. A.
             blunt is normally an emptied cigar wrapper filled with marijuana. In a.
             blunt you can fit much more marijuana. Though a blunt isn't always.
             purely marijuana, it can be mixed with other drugs such as angel dust.
             The results are varied when someone smokes marijuana.
             Different people will get different results, and certain types of cannabis.
             can cause different effects. The amount of THC (marijuana's main.
             active chemical) may also change the result. If alcohol, or other drug.
             use is occurring while smoking marijuana, the effect could be different.
             A first time marijuana smoker will probably feel no effect. A chronic or.
             heavy user will get a high (intoxication). When a person is high, normal.

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