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Computing Video Shop Analysis

             Background to and Identification of Problem.
             My project is based on a video shop called CC Videos who are located in South Leicester. This shop is owned and run by Mr Card and his wife who are successfully running this business. Although business is fairly good, he has a few problems with his procedure of renting videos. After observation, I found out why. Mr Card's business is run on paper. He does not have a computerised system in his shop and all work is done on several books. He has three books. One book has records of all the videos that go out to his customers. The second book details all reservations for videos, and his third book has all the currant stock details. Mr Card has found on many occasions that he mixes up accounts and therefore this causes problems within his working environment. He has also found on occasions that video cassettes that are overdue go amiss and extra payment which occurs are not paid. We look at further problems in detail later on. .
             After much consideration Mr Card agreed that a computerised system would greatly benefit his business.
             Identification of Prospective Users.
             The user of this system will be Mr. C. Card who owns and runs "C.C Videos" which rents video cassettes movies to members only.
             Identification of User Needs and Acceptable Limitations.
             Mr Card's current system is a written system on books. There are three books he works with, the Stock book, which details all his new and old videos he has available, and how many copies. The second book has all the details the members and the movies they rent out. The third book is the Reservation book where he stores all the details of members who have reserved a certain video copy. .
             To identify the needs of Mr Card, I interviewed him so I can thoroughly analyse his situation and find out exactly what Mr Card expects the new system to achieve. From the interview I have found problems within the current system, of which I will have to correct in the new system and they are: -.

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