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The New Deal & The Cold War

            The New Deal helped many groups to take part more fully in American life. Under some of its programs immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, women, African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans were given new opportunities. Under the provided opportunities for women, Frances Perkins became the first woman to serve in the president's cabinet. She was appointed Secretary of Labor. Thousands of women were appointed to jobs in the government, many running the New Deal programs. .
             Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the most towering president of the twentieth century. He changed the relationship of government to the American people. Before 1933, Americans had not looked for help of any kind. Because of Roosevelt and his New Deal, however, Americans came to see the government as a potential employer and provider. The New Deal brought jobs and relief to millions of Americans. It did not however end the depression. The depression ended because of World War II. Roosevelt presided over an enormous change in American and the presidency of the United States. The war only helped to increase the size and power of the presidential office. The presidency would never be the same nor would the world. .
             cold war .
             History has proven that at the end of each war or revolution one problem is solved while another one is formed. The entire world was hurting in one-way or another from the war and the different ideas and policies of the U.S. and Russia did not help matters any. After the war the two great superpowers, U.S. and Russia, led the way help the world recover. The U.S. hoped to help establish democratic governments in foreign lands, while Russia wanted to extend there so called "sphere of influence- over the world (Browers). .
             The lack of compromise and agreement between the U.S. and Russia caused many problems and eventually led to the cold war. The term cold war was first used by an American Financier named Bernard Baruch at a congressional debate in 1974.

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