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Who is responsible for the Tra

            Who is responsible for the Tragedy in Macbeth?.
             There are many different possible viewpoints to take in answering this question, as it is possible to argue many different cases and give good reason for them all so it is my opinion that there are many different people who are responsible for the tragedy in Macbeth.
             The first person that comes to mind when thinking this over is Macbeth himself as he is the person who commits all the murders in the play and therefore would obviously be considered the first person to point the finger at. If he were a good person then why would he do this? This is definitely a strong argument and I do agree that Macbeth has a dark side to him that drives him to commit these deeds. He describes it as his "vaulting ambition" and he knows that it's there and it's causing him to do these things. .
             A lot of people would say that he is partly good because he knows what he is doing is wrong but I think this makes him even worse. He knows what he is doing is wrong but he does it all the same, this is a very bad thing. The thing that makes me feel that Macbeth is a partly good man and could never do this without outside interference is the guilt he feels after he has done these terrible things and indeed before them he is in doubt whether to do them (e.g. Act One Scene Seven lines 1-28). He knows what he is about to do is unnatural but he says he would do it without hesitation if there were no consequences for him, now and in the afterlife, .
             ("If th"assassination consequences"). Another example is during this soliloquy when Macbeth says, "is this a dagger I see before me?" it isn't a real dagger but one in his mind that won't stop bothering him. He has an unstoppable ambition represented by this hallucination. He knows he doesn't have to do this and could easily just not do it but hen does and this is why he is responsible.
             You can tell that Macbeth is guilty when he sees the hallucination of Banquo at the table in Act 3 Scene 4.

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