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freshman blues

             Freshman blues affects many college students making them feel lonely, anxious, and depressed. They become anxious because it will be their first year in college. As their first year in college, they will become exposed to so many new things both negative and positive. They will experience things from books to parties to drugs. They will have to make a choice on whether they want to study or party, and pass or flunk. They will be anxious to get away from home and live in a dorm, because this represents freedom.
             When they have freedom they don't have to worry about mom or dad always telling them what to do. They can go out when they want to, but this could also be dangerous. If they are not mature enough to handle freedom, things can turn upside down. Freshmen become anxious, because unlike high school, scheduling is different in college. In college freshman are allowed to pick their own classes and choose what time they want to attend them. They also can go to class whenever they want (The right choice would be to go.) Moreover, freshmen become anxious to get closer to their destiny. When they make the big transition from high school to college, they are becoming closer to their destiny. .
             As a freshman, being lonely can become apart of the blues also. They will have to leave a lot of their friends and family, and after a while emotions will start to sink in and they will become lonely.
             They will miss laughing and playing with their family and friends, and all they will have to ponder on are memories. They will become homesick and begin to want to go home. They will also begin to think about their spiritual life and miss their original church.
             In addition to being lonely, freshmen also become depressed. Depression can appear a lot in freshman's lives. It can occur when they realize that they have too many classes. Depression can occur when they become behind in their classes and begin to fail.

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