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             Depression effects a lot of people if not directly, through a loved one like a, friend, spouse, or family member. Depression has been around for thousands of years. Depression can do plenty of damage to ones self-esteem. Noticing that someone has depression is the first step in treatment. Depression robs people of their happiness and sometimes even their lives. There are several different types of depression that one may have. Depression is a condition of the mind, which involves the thought of feeling worthless or troubled, and while it affects millions of people it is not fully understood.
             Depression is a condition of the mind in which there are several symptoms such as trouble with pleasure, thinking, and eating. The factors and variables are different for everyone, the symptoms might not all be exactly the same. Morning however is the worst part of the day for most depressed people (Gold 177). In the morning depressed people may think its worse cause they have to go through another day of feeling worthless. Depression is a scientifically recognized disorder. It is also the most common adult psychiatric disorder world wide (Gold 190). Depression is on the rise and could be considered an epidemic. According to Gold ten to fifteen percent of the population will suffer from depression sometime in their life. 5-6% are suffering right now (190-1 Gold). Depression is also an illness that has a large incidence of relapse. 70-90% of people that have had one episode are likely to go through it again. Months can go by without having any symptoms. However within the first four to six months one is most likely to experience another episode (Gold 190). Many people with chronic schizophrenia suffer from depression (Hyde 87). College can be very stressful for most individuals. One out of three college students will be depressed sometime before graduation. College can be challenging dealing with grades and trying to pay for all the expenses.

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