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            when did you make plans to od something with me 2 weekends in a row???? i asked you to stay fri night and watch a movie but you wouldnt and you were more interested in the georgia game sat. look none of this really matters beacuse the truth is that in order for me and you to be together you gonna have to first do something that youve never done before nor have you wanted to do and thats to be by yourself because if you think that im gonna sit at home and do nothing while it takes you 6 months to leave her then you are crazy im not gonna sit home and wait while you try to find the guts to actually tell the truth and to be honest with yourself. and you say that you dont want to have to pay child support on two children which i understand i wouldnt want to do that either but your only cheating yourself by staying with cristi your not doing yourself a favor your actually hurting yourself because if your telling the truth and you dont want to be with her and you are in love with me and you love me in a different way then you love her and i a,m the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with then it will never work with you and her. Eventually yall will split up or yall will stay together and argue all the time, you will cheat on her, she may cheat on you, theres no telling what will happen. and if you think that you are gonna leave her and come straight to me than your wrong. What i want to happen is first for you to agree to pay me child support so that my parents will maybe regain some of the respect that they had for you. Besides do you realize how good your getting off with only $400 a month in child support and half of all medical bills and remember this isnt forever just untill we can be together which i hope is with in the next year. then i want you to tell cristi the truthtell her that youdo not want to be with her and that you love me and want to be with me and we are gonna be together.

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