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Feminist Therapy is applied to the case of Stan.

            The present paper addresses how Feminist Therapy is applied to the case of Stan. Feminist therapy is an important tool developed collectively by many outstanding professionals. Feminist theory is unique by placing gender and power at the core of the therapeutic process. .
             Feminist Therapy Applied To the Case of Stan .
             Feminist Therapy is unique to the therapy realm; it was developed by a collaboration of women to address social emotional gender roles and issues. This type of therapy started when the woman's movement really caught on in the 60's and began to mature and develop in the 70's -80's. Feminist therapies emphasize a person's identity from birth. Gender politics are embedded in society, it affects the way we view ourselves threw out our lives. (Corey, 2001) .
             There are a few unique values that I see working with Stan from a Feminist perspective rather than any other types of therapy I have studied thus far. The first is with the use of this type of therapy Stan can have a healthy relationship with the therapist and considering his past fear of woman this can go far in his treatment to develop a health relationship with a strong but not dominating woman. Secondly, Stan can learn his gender role with out fear but with empowering knowledge, that it is okay to be both a man and have some feminine traits. (Corey, 2001) .
             If I continued working with Stan I would work on his statements regarding his view of himself. Stan feels wimpy, and too feminine, because of the negative comments he received growing up and the way his father and mother left him feeling inadequate as a boy, man and person. I would challenge his believes by having him describe what a perfect man would be and also having him tell me about people who have inspired him in his life. By Stan learning how to empower himself rather than to examine and pull apart and revert to old views he can get to an even plane and get to respect himself for who is and who is becoming.

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