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Guild Presentation

             Greetings your majesty! My name is __________ and I am writing to thou ask for thy approval of my guild-an armorer. I have served as a journeyman for 8 years. I am a skilled master and will work very hard. Please read this letter as it will help aide you with your decision.
             I am a man of 28 years and have seen much of the world. I aided some of the greatest armorer's of the age including Sir Arthur's own master- Arm Robert Orer. I come from a rich knight family who owns estates all over thy beautiful land. We come from India and serve under thou. My family has been true to thy highness's cause all our life. As I am the youngest of three my family has decided to let me be an armorer. With my skill I would be sure to help thy kingdom prosper. In India I studied under some of the best Mughal armorer's around. In Rome I learned the tricks and secrets of my trade and here in our very own England I have mastered my skill. If I am allowed to join the guild thou would see very impressive work henceforth. Mayhap I could even give some of my best works to be put forward for thy and thou knights use.
             "Why pick me?"-thou greatness must be asking yourself. Forsooth! I am a very skilled workman. Here is an example of my work. This sword has taken me 5 years to build. The hilt is made from pure silver. That little stone one the end of the hilt is enchanted by Merlin and Houdini. Its bearer is invincible whilst wielding the sword. My blade is made of the best metal in the land. Although it is the relative size of a two-handed sword my weapon may be used as a broad-sword if necessary. The sword has also been jeweled upon its hilt. The best designs and jewels have been placed upon the hilt. The blade is strong enough to cut through a horse with one stroke. It is lightweight yet firm and powerful. This blade is my masterpiece although I am still capable of making works similar to this one.
             The sword while being very impressive is not all I am capable of making for thou.

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